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HRE Wheels

HRE Wheels

HRE Wheels are the #1 choice of enthusiasts for 1 and 3 Piece Forged wheels on the market. Howey Industries has acquired all the necessary fitment data over years of test fitting vehicles to help you achieve the perfect fit for your application. When recommending a size, Howey Industries not only takes into account your vehicle but also your current and future modifications. Contact Us at 1-888-554-7755 or Request an Online Wheel Quote Today!

HRE Wheels National and International

Howey Industries is the premier online source for HRE Wheels. From our knowledgeable staff, fitment experts, and Touchless Tire Installation Packages, we will send the perfect wheel and tire package that fits your needs right to your door.

HRE P1 1-Piece Series
P101  P103  P104  P107

HRE RS1M 1-Piece Series
RS100M  RS101M  RS102M  RS103M
RS105M RS108M    

HRE P40SC 1-Piece Series
P40SC  P43SC  P44SC  P45SC

HRE R1 1-Piece Series

HRE RC1 1-Piece Series
RC100 RC103    

HRE TR1 1-Piece Series
TR105  TR106 TR107 TR109

HRE S2 3-Piece Series
S200  S201  S204 S207

HRE S1 3-Piece Series
S101  S104  S107  

HRE RS1 3-Piece Series
RS100  RS101  RS102 RS103
RS105  RS106    

HRE C1 3-Piece Series
C100  C103  C106  C109

HRE Vintage 1-Piece & 3-Piece Series
501  501M  505  505M
454  935    

HRE Classic 1-Piece & 3-Piece Series
300M  301M  303M  305M
309M  300  301  303
305  309    

HRE 940RL 3-Piece Series
940RL  943RL  945RL  948RL

HRE Ringbrothers Edition
RB1  RB2 Recoil Recoil w/ Ring

HRE RTR 1-Piece & 3-Piece Series
Tech 7  Tech Mesh    

HRE R40 1-Piece Series
R40  R43    

HRE RX40 1-Piece Series

HRE TR40 1-Piece Series
TR45  TR46    

HRE P90L 1-Piece Series
P90L  P93L  P95L  

HRE 560R 3-Piece Series
560R  563R  565R  567R

HRE 560C 3-Piece Series
560C  563C  565C  567C

HRE FlowForm 1-Piece Series


About HRE
HRE is always pushing to develop the next innovation in wheels. From becoming the leader in 3-piece wheels in the U.S., to introducing the market to 1-piece no-lip forged designs in 2007, to our latest Carbon Series introduced in 2009, HRE has always been at the forefront.

At HRE we continually strive for new materials, methods, and designs to ensure our leadership position in the market.

Extensive In-House R&D
Every HRE wheel undergoes intensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to achieve optimal reductions in unsprung mass and rotational inertia as well as maximum strength and stiffness, resulting in enhanced ride quality, improved braking, acceleration and suspension performance. From Motorsport, to Street, to Luxury, all HRE wheels are extensively engineered to ensure optimum performance.

Proudly Made in San Diego, CA
HRE forged wheels are tested to exceed US, Japanese and German government regulations for radial and rotary fatigue, impact tests, and our 60,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility located in San Diego, CA maintains German/EU TÜV Verification status, ensuring consistent quality from start to finish. All forged HRE wheels are built to order for each specific application using the latest in CNC machining technology while also relying on hand craftsmanship for polishing, powder coating, and final assembly to ensure the utmost in quality.

Racing to Win
Racing defines HRE. Racing is our test center. We race to continually push ourselves to develop a stronger, stiffer, lighter wheel for next season; which translates into the finest wheels you can buy for the street. Every wheel at HRE has motorsport in its soul and undergoes the same type of rigorous development, whether it is winning races or cruising down the boulevard. We aren’t just racing for fun or fame. At HRE we’re racing to win.

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