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Touchless / Scratchless / Leverless Tire Installation

Howey Industries is proud to offer one of the area's only Touchless / Scratchless / Leverless Tire Installation Services.

Howey Industries is here to provide a solution to common high-end wheel/tire problems:

-You may have just purchased or received your aftermarket wheels and now you need tires and installation service.

-Many vehicles manufacturers are now providing very high quality wheels right from the factory and your tires may be in need of replacement.

We have the answer! Our Touchless Tire Installation Service. 

The vast majority of Tire Shops in the country are based on volume and speed. These shops do not have the equipment, knowledge, or skilled technicians to deal with aftermarket and high-end factory wheels to the level the automotive community expects. 

Howey Industries is NOT a high volume shop. We specialize in aftermarket and high-end factory tire installation. We take our time to make sure your installation is completed perfectly.

Our state of the art equipment completely removes and installs tires without ever coming in contact with wheel/rim. 

Other tire changers, typically found in tire shop chains, require the use of a tire-iron or pry-bar to pull the tire bead over the wheel for install/uninstall. Some low profile tires require several technicians with multiple tools to remove the tire. This almost always results in extensive damage to the wheel/rim. Howey Industries is dedicated to providing the best possible service in the industry and that is why we have invested in equipment that costs many times more then typical equipment found in most shops. 

Don't trust your wheel/tire investment to a shop that is only interested in how many installations they can complete per hour. Howey Industries utilizes appointment based installation in order to provide quality service that is custom to each of our clients.

Howey Industries also has equipment to properly mount the lowest profile tires with extremely rigid sidewalls. We can also provide "stretched" tire installation upon request. 

See the Below Video of Our Tire Changer in Action! Never trust your wheels to another shop without the proper equipment and Experience!

Howey Industries also supplies the leading tire brands and sizes. We have extremely competitive rates on our tires and our touchless installation service. Contact us today at 1-888-554-7755 or [email protected] for a tire and installation quote.  

Not local to the area? No problem! We provide complete wheel and tire packages and ship them nationwide (wheel/tire packages subject to additional freight costs). Have a set of wheels that you need tires installed on? Our clients ship their aftermarket/factory wheels to us regularly so we can provide our touchless service to their wheels. We will be happy to provide our touchless service and ship your wheels back.